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"Our goal is to run quality tournaments."

Click Here for Information on Our Host program!

Click Here for Information on Our Host program!

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Carolina Travel Sports runs weekly tournaments for baseball and softball organizations and is governed by the rules and regulations of Top Gun Sports.  We require annual clinics for our officials as well as mini-clinics throughout the year. The majority of our officials are High School and/or College certified.  Using an official just because they are High School or College certified is not good enough when running a quality youth program. Our officials are well trained in dealing with youth and are certified in each sport that they do. Good officiating is a must in our tournaments.

We strive to run the best youth tournaments around. Our teams receive a discount at select hotels near the tournament site.We always play our games at quality facilities.

Good officials at a quality site makes for a great tournament.



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Remember you are here for the kids, and sportsmanship comes first and foremost.

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